Every donation made goes to the upkeep of the site. It will be used for our yearly hosting cost, our domain registration and software upgrades. Donations will help support both Angrydragon.org and Roleplaygalore.com. However we’d like to give back too for every donation made.

For a $5 donation we will pin/sticky a topic of your choosing on the forum for a week.

$10 will pin a topic for a month or host a banner you’ve made advertising your search thread or open roleplay.

$15 will get you a custom banner (or profile signature, your choice.) for your roleplay/request thread or even a commission art thread that will be hosted either on the forum or on Angry Dragon’s front page for a month.

$20 will get you a permanent listing and a button of your RP preference thread on Roleplay Galore in our directory roleplay listing page and on a directory listing on Angry Dragon’s front page.

If you’d like to be affiliated with us and have your banner hosted on Roleplay Galore’s website directory you may donate $30 for a permanent spot.

Eventually we will be working on creating adoptable angry dragons that can be purchased to help support our sites. So stay tuned! We’re just starting after all. 🙂