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  Just Diving In
Posted by: SheiKra - 08-03-2017, 06:35 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (7)

Username: SheiKra
Timezone(GMT format please): Eastern (GMT-4)
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Listening to music, Video-games, Archery
Favorite roleplay genres: Just about any genre that can be thought of.

I look forward to my stay here.

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  Newbie alert!
Posted by: Tove - 08-03-2017, 05:35 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (5)

Hello. I'm Tove, new to this site but not roleplay. I have years under my belt and more will come with time I'm sure. I've been searching for a group where I am not limited in my creativity which it seems this group does welcome that so it's a plus. I decided to fill out some of the intro form below. I also can't wait to get started on here!
Username: Tove
Timezone: Central
Hobbies: Writing, roleplay, collecting music, anime and some manga, videogames.
Favorite roleplay genres: Fantasy, Medieval Fantasy, Medieval, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Supernatural, Science Fiction, Romance as a side plot, the occasional Fandom if I'm familiar with it.

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  Momma D's Preferences
Posted by: Mommadragon - 08-03-2017, 04:05 AM - Forum: Static Forum - No Replies

This is my thread where you will find information about the kind of roleplays and kinks that I like/and are okay with. Please do not respond to this thread, if you'd like to roleplay just send me a message. If you are interested in a certain pairing or plot idea I have just let me know. I like to bite I hope you don't mind Wink

Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero: All - usually mxm and fxm more than fxf but most of my roleplays have a full variety of it all.
Posting speed: Once a day, once a week or mostly a couple times on the weekend. I'm a slow responder.
Post Length comfort: It varies, I usually try to stick with a minimum of 3 paragraphs but I have no limit on the max. I like a lot of writing but I can also only work with what I get from my partner in return.
Top 3 favorite roleplaying genres: Fantasy, science fiction, horror.

  • I like gristly detail, useful – not useful, insightful. I try my very best not to go less then 3 paragraphs a post and would like the same from a partner.

  • I like long term RPs or partners only because life happens often for all of us. We come, we go and we sometimes come back. If that happens I’d be more then happy to pick back up where we left off.

  • Don’t be afraid to message me. Sometimes I forget, sometimes my muse flickers. I do get busy or tired from work and the ever happenings of life. If I’m MIA I will come back. You can keep in touch with me through skype too. I can be a little flighty, don’t mean to be but it just happens. Sometimes a message will get the gears going again. Most often I can only manage a post or two once a day, I’m a little more active on the weekends. My muse does get picky sometimes.

  • I do like chatting and plotting in PM, I don’t mind multiple interlinking stories in a thread. I like adding in more characters instead of solely using npc’s.

  • I can play whatever role you’d like. Top, bottom, dom, sub, seme, uke or switches. I usually leave it up to the characters to decide what suits their fancy. I'll play male, female, whatever. I don't mind any pairings, gay or straight.

  • I like heavy story and heavy smut.
What I love.
[Image: likess.png]

I am not really a huge fan of non-con. Most of my characters are lovers so it would be hard for them to force someone against their will. Forcefully seduce and turn on yes, yes they'll do that but full out rape? No.

My FList is not completely updated but it gives you an idea what I'm mostly comfortable with.

Pairings I'd like.

[Image: pairinglist.png]

The one pairing I will not do is daughterxfather or motherxson/daughter. It just weirds me out.
I don't mind playing multiple significant characters in a single thread either.

[Image: plots.png]

The other side…
~I’d prefer this to be either FxM or FxF but would like a partner who is open to any kind of parings throughout the story.~ This plot is a fantasy/science fiction/apocalyptic setting and of course I’m open to ideas and plotting further. I’m thinking maybe something alien or with monsters. Have you ever seen Final Fantasy the Spirits within? I’d like to take some of the spirit/phantom elements from that – except not all of them can kill you if they touch you but no one knows what ones can or can’t.

There are a few ways I was thinking we can go with this.. I like to keep paths open in regards to where you’d like to start with your character. They can either start inside the sanctuary with my character, they can be friends or just know each other by acquaintance or not at all. Your character can be a soldier for the sanctuary’s defense or just a civilian like mine. They can be someone from the outside and they can be a good ‘spirit’ with powers. Whatever route you’d like to take. I’m going to go ahead and setup the first post so you can have a better idea of what’s going on and help you think of what kind of character you want to start with. Below is just a teaser you can find the thread here.

[Image: othersidebanner.jpg]
The fence has been here since before I was born. – It is rusted and it goes for miles further than the eye can see. It wraps around the sanctuary and it is meant to keep us safe…but lately I’ve felt like it is meant to keep us in. We aren’t allowed past the fence because it isn’t safe. Those who’ve gotten out are brought back dead or changed. It is like whatever they’ve discovered out there is wiped from their memory or they are forbidden to speak of it.

Slender fingers curled around the rusted links and sunset gray eyes gazed out longingly. I couldn’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent watching the dried out fields waiting for something. The fields which were once vital corn crops are now just acres of infertile land. But there is something out there. 

My character’s name is Milly, she’s 19 years old. I wouldn’t mind someone playing an older character, maybe someone who was around when the last attack happened let’s say 15 years ago. She would have been 4 so would only remember bits and pieces of it because like all the other civilians she would have been safe inside of the sanctuary’s core. The core is like the city basically, a small walled up city and the chainlink fence surrounds that about 10-20 miles out depending on what side you’re at.

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  Read before you post!!
Posted by: Mommadragon - 08-03-2017, 03:08 AM - Forum: Request thread/group/1x1 and OOC - No Replies

This section is for roleplays that pretty much lack any hard sexual element. It can be vanilla (basically nothing over rated R, like softcore porn.) Or it can be roleplays that have ZERO sexual element at all. Roleplays like that can go here, if your topic ends up getting pretty gritty and naughty in the end we can always move it for you to the appropriate section. Having this section doesn't mean we allow minors. We do not. It is just nice to get away from the smut sometimes and not everybody is into the naughty, moist details like others. However the same rules still apply.

What is this forum for? This forum: OOC request thread is like a roleplay classified ad. This is where you post searching for someone who'd be interested in playing with you. It is also a place where people can ask you questions about the roleplay before even messaging you. 

It can be simple, or you can go into detail about your idea.

Bumping rules. You may bump your request thread once a week. You can reply to your thread with actual information or updates to your plot idea whenever you like as long as the staff doesn't feel it constitutes spamming your own thread to keep it at the top. If we deem continuous replies to your own thread not within the guidelines you will be asked to stop as your first warning. You will be allowed to bump the topic once a week, if you do not comply it will result in a 1 day temporary ban from this area. Which means you won't be able to bump or reply to threads in the request thread area. If the offense continues your privileges will eventually be taken away. So remember, to much bumping = spamming. 

Something special. If you donate $5 dollars to Angry Dragon and would like your request thread to be pinned to the top of the Request forum we will do so for a week.

Bumping Roleplay threads. Please do not do it. If your partner has forgotten just message them privately and link them to the thread if they can't find it.

The forum rules, which you will find here is for the entire website. Please be sure to read them and understand them. If you have any questions at all you can post in the help section or message a staff member and we will be happy to answer you.

What is absolutely not allowed.

Images of a person or character that looks under 18. (Even if you are roleplaying in the non-sexual area we'd do not want links of images depicting a character that is underage. Just use your imagination.)

UNDERAGE ROLEPLAYS, character under 18 - meaning roleplays depicting sex with minors IS NOT ALLOWED AT ALL. You will be banned. Yes you may roleplay a family and have children as long as you follow the rules. Yes you can have a non-sexual roleplay and roleplay a younger character but that character CANNOT be involved in any sexual acts. It is against the law, thus we do not allow it here.

Shota and Loli NOT ALLOWED.

Bestiality is NOT ALLOWED. Tentacle monsters, dragons, aliens, or any of the mythical and/or fictional creatures such as werewolves and unicorns are allowed. However, animals that exist in the real world(dogs, cats, horses, etc.) are NOT. According to U.S. law, bestiality is illegal, therefore, it will not be allowed here as well.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a permanent ban.

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  Roleplay Galore
Posted by: Mommadragon - 08-03-2017, 02:46 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Roleplay Galore is going to be our resources website where we offer roleplaying tutorials and advice. It will also be a source for listing directories like other roleplay sites. Here at Angry Dragon we want to support our fellow sites since there are so few left anymore. We are going to offer a directory listing for people to access other sites. We will also offer the ability for our affiliates to host their banner on RG's front page.

If you'd like your website put up on our directory page please contact either myself or Daddy dragon either through the forum's private messages or through our contact page.

Roleplay Galore is without a doubt still under construction, with that being said we are also open to accepting any articles you may deem helpful, resourceful or interesting. Please submit that to us through private message as well.

I know on other sites it is forbidden or frowned upon to link back to other roleplaying sites, but again we want to support our fellow roleplayers. So you are allowed to put website links in your signature. You can also speak and reference other sites too however just avoid spamming the website link on our site. Casual mentions are totally Ok and putting the links in your signatures is fine too.

Also if you are a member of Angry Dragon and you have your own website for whatever it is for, personal business, portfolio, an Esty shop let us know. We support our active members too and we will gladly add your website to RG's directory.

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  Do you want to be a staff member?
Posted by: Mommadragon - 08-03-2017, 02:33 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Currently, Daddy and I will be the only staff until our members start to grow. However you can totally respond to this thread and inquire about becoming a staff member. As we grow we will consider the potential candidates according to our needs and what you are able to offer us.

What we'd like to know: Do you have any experience moderating a forum? How about webdesign using wordpress and codding for forums? Eventually we would like to move over to Xenforo but right now until we get some activity that isn't practical. Are you artistic at all? Banner making, mini symbol making. We want to also eventually move into creating little adoptable dragons for our members who donate. Would you be interested in helping at all with that?

We are looking for staff members who will be active and who are friendly with members. Like a good PR person. We'd like to see our moderators greet our new members and even help them with getting started.

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Posted by: Mommadragon - 08-03-2017, 02:22 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Donations always help! However it is not required or expected of our members to donate. Thus why it is called a donation. However if you would like to help Angry Dragon out we would very much appreciate it. Smile

Of course we offer a few simple little perks in return, like pinning topics or hosting banners to help you get other members interested in you. Without further ado here is the link for donations. 

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  Rules for the static forum
Posted by: daddydragon - 08-02-2017, 10:50 PM - Forum: Static Forum - No Replies

In this forum, you can post a thread that lists your roleplay preferences, genres, style, likes, kinks, updates and plots/pairings you're interested in. 

We want to keep things as neat as possible. So when you create your first post, please be sure to keep all the pertinent information within the first post. 

For everybody's interest/convenience at the top of your first post in your thread, please have this form filled out:

Quote:Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero: ____________
Posting speed: multiple times a day, once a day, etc.
Post Length comfort: How many paragraphs are you comfortable writing per post?
Top 3 favorite roleplaying genres: ____________

As a note, it's not mandatory, just something I thought might make things easier for all parties involved. Whether or not you use it is entirely up to you. 

After this blurb, feel free to go into more details, talk about your preferences, genres, the pairings you like, rules, etc. The blurb is a helpful suggestion and useful in that manner that people won't have to read your entire thread before realizing they won't mesh with you. It is a custody to fellow members so you aren't wasting their time however you don't have to use it, it is just helpful.

When you 'bump' your thread, please only bump it with updates. So if you add a plot to your first post, please bump it with something like 'Added XYZ plot' or 'Updated rules with XYZ' just to make things neat and not filled with clutter.

In the interest of fairness, you may only bump your post once a week. Give everyone a fair chance for their post to be seen.

Have fun!

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  Other Worlds Info
Posted by: Mommadragon - 08-02-2017, 09:32 PM - Forum: OOC - No Replies

What is the Other Worlds area for? Well it is for members to have a chance at running their own section. So do you think you have what it takes to run your own world? Build your own Lore and generate activity? Then please by all means submit a request.

How do I submit a request? All you need to do is make a new thread in the OOC section of Other Worlds and submit your proposal. Please name your thread World Request: with the name of your world. So example: Thread Subject: World Request: Earth.

What I would like to see in your proposal request is a description of the world, some world Lore. What kind of world is it going to be? Is it going to be a modern alternate earth with superheros? Or is it going to be an entirely new planet in an entirely different universe? Are there Gods? What kind of magic will there be, what kind of monsters and creatures will you have. Is there technology? Is it a world like Final Fantasy or a world from Star wars or Star Trek? What is the government going to be like, are there Kings and Queens or is there no leading power at all? Is it a world filled with zombies?

What are your guidelines going to be for other members to reference too when they join your world. Remember you will be the creator of this world but you aren't going to God-Mod the players, so these guidelines are important to let members know what kind of magic, abilities or powers their characters can/may use or what you'd like to see. I'd also like to see a list of rules you'd like to have in place to reference back to if there are ever any issues and staff has to get involved. Keep in mind we will work with you to alter these rules if we think they aren't quite fair.

Are you going to run and/or offer quests or adventures members can be a part of? Things like this will help generate activity, so if you are going to run a world be prepared to be active.

When you first begin this is what you will be allowed to have. Your main section and one other subboard as another point of interest. It can be a Tavern, it can be a city's Capital or forest, whatever you want it to be. You will also get an OOC subboard. If you can generate a decent amount of activity of getting more than 3 members involved we will consider expanding and letting you have more subboards for your world.

What I expect if your world is approved. I want to see you post threads that members can look at so they will be able to understand what kind of world it is. You will have a thread for your Lore - world history, the history of Gods or whatever higher powers you have. Then you will also summarize the events in your lore in another thread. One will be tilted something like Full World Lore and the other Summary of World. You will also come up with a timeline so that way people know when the events happened, in the past, present or soon to happen. You will have a creature list thread explaining some of the creatures you have in your world. Example, dragons, dinosaurs, monsters whatever. You will give a description of each creature and what they can do, how they are dangerous or if they are friendly that way members have something to reference and use in their roleplays.

You must have this information ready upon approval. You will be given about a month to show us your world is active(or more depending on the forums current member activity) . Yes we will not be apposed to giving you more time. If you need to go MIA either appoint someone you can relay on to keep things going for you, or let us know and if your world isn't active we will put it on hold. But you -must- communicate with us. Please don't just poof into thin air. If the original creator of a world does disappear without notice we will put that world up for a new take over. This means we will let someone else come in and run it and even if you return unless this person agrees to work with you or give it back that world will no longer be yours. 

We want activity, not dead in the water.


What does this mean for members who just want to play in these canon worlds? These worlds are like prefab settings for you to join, so please be courteous and read the threads the World's creator has posted. If you have questions contact the World's creator or post the question in the OOC section of that world. Don't be afraid to communicate with the World's creator that is what they are there for. It will be expected/required of the World Creators to respond to the members that are interested in playing in their area.

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  Rules of the Forum
Posted by: daddydragon - 07-31-2017, 08:18 PM - Forum: Forum Rules - No Replies

Rules of the forum

1. By joining this site, you agree to obey the rules and laws of the United States while you are a member of this forum. Illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate legal authorities. Seriously, don't break the law, it ain't cool.

2. You will not share identifying information(age, gender, location, address, irl name, etc.) of another member ANYWHERE on this site without their consent. 

3. No youtube videos in your signatures/profiles please.

4. This is an 18+ forum.  Everyone here must be 18 or older. Anyone breaking the rules will find their accounts deleted. Seriously, don't do it.

5. DBaD - Don't be a Dick. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it to them online. Even if you would say it to their face, don't. We treat everyone with respect here, so please respect your fellow members.

5a. By extension, that means no politics either. Regardless of what's happening in the world and your personal opinion, we'd rather not have it on the forum. If it's kept to private messages and civil, then it's fine

6. Flamers/trolls/etc. Will be eaten.... Or bent over the knee and given a spanking by the Papa Dragon. Wink

7. No shota, loli or beastiality. Just like the age of our users, the age of the characters must be 18+ as well. According to U.S. law, all three of these are illegal, so don't do it.

8. In addition to the previous rule, no images of characters that look like minors but are actually adults. That's still a minor even if you say "B-But in the roleplay he's 18!"

9. Thou shalt not post pornographic images. If you must, put it in a spoiler and warn your partner it's nsfw. Links are A-Okay, as long as they are also marked nsfw.

10. No real people nudes either. That means no pictures, videos, gifs, etc. of real people. I don't care if they're porn stars or whatever, just no. None of that.

11. No discussing banned users in public forums.

12. You will maintain an up to date email address on the site and not flag us as spam. You want to hear aaaaalll about us, don't you? So don't mark us as spam.

13. Unless it's relevant to parts of the roleplay, please speak english at all times.

14. Please read the rules for each section when we have them. Rules will be indicated at the top of each section by a sticky note.

15. Expect that we, the staff of angrydragon will be able to see your posts, and PMs. We are like the eye of Sauron. WE SEE ALL. 

16. There will be a warning system. You get two warnings, and then after the second warning(which will be a PM from a staff member), you move onto strikes. Like baseball, three strikes and you're out! 

Seriously guys, we're not out to get you. Just follow the rules and we promise, you'll have fun here!

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