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Do you want to be a staff member?
Currently, Daddy and I will be the only staff until our members start to grow. However you can totally respond to this thread and inquire about becoming a staff member. As we grow we will consider the potential candidates according to our needs and what you are able to offer us.

What we'd like to know: Do you have any experience moderating a forum? How about webdesign using wordpress and codding for forums? Eventually we would like to move over to Xenforo but right now until we get some activity that isn't practical. Are you artistic at all? Banner making, mini symbol making. We want to also eventually move into creating little adoptable dragons for our members who donate. Would you be interested in helping at all with that?

We are looking for staff members who will be active and who are friendly with members. Like a good PR person. We'd like to see our moderators greet our new members and even help them with getting started.

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