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Roleplay Galore
Roleplay Galore is going to be our resources website where we offer roleplaying tutorials and advice. It will also be a source for listing directories like other roleplay sites. Here at Angry Dragon we want to support our fellow sites since there are so few left anymore. We are going to offer a directory listing for people to access other sites. We will also offer the ability for our affiliates to host their banner on RG's front page.

If you'd like your website put up on our directory page please contact either myself or Daddy dragon either through the forum's private messages or through our contact page.

Roleplay Galore is without a doubt still under construction, with that being said we are also open to accepting any articles you may deem helpful, resourceful or interesting. Please submit that to us through private message as well.

I know on other sites it is forbidden or frowned upon to link back to other roleplaying sites, but again we want to support our fellow roleplayers. So you are allowed to put website links in your signature. You can also speak and reference other sites too however just avoid spamming the website link on our site. Casual mentions are totally Ok and putting the links in your signatures is fine too.

Also if you are a member of Angry Dragon and you have your own website for whatever it is for, personal business, portfolio, an Esty shop let us know. We support our active members too and we will gladly add your website to RG's directory.

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