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A Little Slice Of Tove's Preferences.
Quote: Wrote:Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero: _____Any and all are fine with me._______
Posting speedMy work schedule dictates how often I can post, I can do a couple posts every other day if posts max at 600 words or lower and I have the inspiration to write. I will come online sometimes just to hang not post keep that in mind if you want to start something with me. Now if posts are the longer 1,000 to 2,000+ word expect those a couple times a week on up to once a week.
Post Length comfort: I am comfortable doing 2+ all the way up to 10+ it depends on what I'm given or the roleplay.
Top 3 favorite roleplaying genres: ____Medieval, Fantasy, Modern________

About Me:

My work schedule dictates how often I can post, I can do a couple posts every other day if posts max at 600 words or lower and I have the inspiration to write. I will come online sometimes just to hang not post keep that in mind if you want to start something with me. Now if posts are the longer 1,000 to 2,000+ word expect those a couple times a week on up to once a week. Long or short, I give my all when it boils down to details, description, and anything to give a meaningful response.

I don't like one-liners. I don't mind one or two or more paragraphs. If you want to write a novella response go for it! If you can give me enough to work with to keep the flow going we are on the same page.

To go on more what I mentioned before, I'm a bit of an inspiration changing type of writer. I can do 600 word posts that allows me to post a couple of times every other day. I also am able to do 1,000+ word posts that require more time and will be replied back to a couple of times a week down to once a week. Now if I push out between 1,000 and 4,000 word posts on up don't get upset I gave you fair warning ahead of time.

Misspelled words here, a forgotten word or quotation marks there, it happens. Sometimes we get carried away typing while thinking about something else I know I do. I'm no member of the grammar police I am just asking if you could be on the lookout for this.

There are definitely better writers than me but I try my best so give me a chance meaning if something isn't working talk to me. Communication is very important about anything. Send me a message if you need help with the story or in general. Just talk to me, I'll definitely understand and make sure to let you know too if I can't be on to reply or something comes up where I can't post for a long time. Please don't rush me to post that will only make my interest decline.

I can break out good character sheets and sometimes I don't want to be bothered with them. I won't force them on you, please don't force them on me especially if I just am not in the mindset to do them.

With pictures I don't care what you use, if you feel a real life, anime, art, drawn picture best describes your character use what you want. I will also do the same so I ask you not to make demands about this.

I only write in forum threads. I like to keep the PM to plot or just talk.

I have this thing. If we choose a plot or pairing of my own, I have no problems starting the opening thread I think that's only fair. If we choose an idea plot or pairing of your creation I hope that you will make the starter as I would like to see your plans for how you wanted to create the setting, world, all of it.


Some of my favorite genres

•Futuristic Fantasy

•Modern Fantasy


•Medieval Fantasy

•Romance, as a side plot. I don't like rushing the romance so if you do we might not match up.

•Science Fiction


My not so favorite genres

•I will pass on the school settings.
•Historical or War. All about the history, but I'd prefer to create my own.

I am comfortable writing for female and male characters, I don't really have a preference unless I make a specific plot where the character I make is a certain gender then I'll ask for you to work with me. MxF or FxM even MxM and FxF works. As I mentioned above, if romance is involved I won't rush to get to it. There should be some build up and character development first. 

What I do not like

•Super-powered characters

•Characters without any weakness. 

•Character control, please don't control ANY character I create. Side, minor, whichever is the case. Now I don't mind discussing before the actual roleplay who plays what minor character, etc, but please don't just takeover.

•Love at first sight scenarios. I don't mind love I love when characters can make it work just not right off the bat or three hours after they meet each other they're declaring their infinite love.

•Jumping straight into a roleplay without plotting, I will never do this. Be prepared to plot with me before we start anything.

•Damsels in distress or Mary Sues or Gary Stu's. 

•One-liners as mentioned above.

•Mind control-If your character can read my character's thoughts power or no power we are going to have a problem.

•Characters that are passive.

What I do like

•Plot twists

•Romance when the time is right.

•Character Development



•Patience: Rushing me to post will not make me post faster. 


•Help build the story with me. I won't let you do all the work, don't expect me to do so either.


•Character interaction is a must not all the time but if one character is always going off on their own this gets old.



•Dark Wizard x Royalty

•Dragon x Human Rider or hunter turned •rider.

•Elf x Elf: 

•Human Royal x High Elf

•Human x Wolf

•Knight x Knight

•Knight x Elf


•Commoner x Knight

•Commoner x Royalty

•Royalty x Royalty

•Knight x Knight

•Knight x Queen

•Pirate x Stowaway

Modern or Modern Fantasy

•Former Detective x Client

•Guardians x Humans

Science Fiction

•Colonist x Colonist

•Space Pirates x Treasure


•Ghost x Ghost: 

•Ghost x Living

•A drifter x Someone possessed


Darker Disney Tales.

The Soul of the Lad

He is a thief. He comes from a family of thieves and nothing he will ever do can change that. The daughter of the sovereign, a most gracious beauty, is his jewel in secret. She sees him as more than just a thief and the love they share if discovered, would kill them both. She is set to marry another man of royal standing. The thief cannot let his only love be taken from him. There must be a way to obtain strength and status. The stories have been told that those with a strong soul, who climb the neighboring mountain, will be granted the desires they want and so he does, in the calm of the night.

At the peak of the mountain, the thief discovers a treasure chest. Thinking this to be some joke, he is able to pick the lock with ease. Inside lies nothing of material possession instead a djinn.

The manifestation tells him his strong soul has enabled him to reach the mountain peak and also he opened the chest quicker than any other therefore what he wants shall be his.

The thief wants to become a warrior of royalty worthy to walk among kings but also obtain his love.

The djinn says it shall be done but what the thief does not realize, at a price. The price being his soul.

The Vengeful Mermaid

Maimed, used as delicacies, mermaids of the vast blue are hunted to near extinction by the human King Triam. He believes they are magical, that their consumed blood will, in turn, give him and any others power of longevity. He leads the campaign to search the seas for them.

Merfolk hide at the risk of being killed or kept as pets. Ivannes, daughter of high chancellor Ignex, thirsts for revenge. On a goodwill trip to another village of merpeople, the chancellor along with many others was captured and slaughtered by humans. It left the community in disarray while Ivannes heartbroken.

Fueled by rage she swims to the surface with plans to on destroy any human she can find. Unfortunately, she too is captured by a pirate ship where she is taken aboard surely to share the same fate as her father but Ivannes attacks as many as she can before the captain subdues.

Unlike the disgusting king, this ship of pirates has no appeal to harm merpeople much to Ivannes' surprise. In her eyes, the captain can see her thirst for revenge because one time or another he had the same look. He does not ask her story yet inquires how she plans to carry out her task as she is, with fin. Instead of letting her answer the mysterious man uses a dagger to cut the entire thing off revealing human legs.

Ivannes is even more surprised. The man reveals to her all merpeople have the ability to walk on the surface and with the fin removed the gills used to breathe underwater close up.

"Now that you have one problem solved," The Captain frowned. "How about you learn to walk on those things? You might be able to do what you intended."

"How do you know so much about merfolk?" Ivannes wanted to know.

"Because," The man responded. "I was once one too."

Love is an illusion, dear Cinderella

All she ever wanted was a mother. A woman to love but never replace the mother she lost so young as well as someone to walk alongside her doting father. Her wish came in the form of a mysterious widow arriving on their doorstep one rainy evening. The woman had a son the same age as her. The girl's father instantly fell for the woman. Soon, she had everything she desired. A mother and brother.

With time, the girl grew into a young woman. Her beauty attracted many suitors, none of which her father deemed worthy. Allen, Cinderella's stepbrother, suggests a close friend of his, Emille, spend time with her.

Emille is kind, almost too kind. Cinderella's father takes a liking to him and eventually she does despite feeling peculiar around him.

They court, fall in love, and become engaged. A week before the wedding, Cinderella's father dies suddenly turning her world upside down. Her stepmother is the same, distraught. Cinderella cannot begin to think about getting married, not without her father. Her stepmother insists she should, that her father would want her to. In fall, Cinderella marries Emille. Their fortnight together he wants to take her to his homeland. 

Reluctantly she agrees, at her stepmother's urging.

Nearly two days the couple travel on the road leaving her comforting world behind for one where the crimson skies turn black at dusk and rain pelts the ground constantly. In the distance lies a towering castle. Pimeys, Emille tells her, she'll love it here.

Cinderella is not quite sure nonetheless, she will learn to love it.

Pimeys itself is like a city home to many people none of which treat kindly to Cinderella. It is as if they hate her.

Emille takes Cinderella to the lower level of the tower, the basement wordless. Sending her first into the darkness, he locks the door while ignoring her puzzled cries. Hours pass with the bride locked away. She cannot begin to fathom why Emille would do this until she discovers something else is down there too.


They call him a drifter, an undesirable man formerly of the cloth with a knack for communicating with the dead and much more. Some say it is a blessing to give grieving loved ones closure while most consider it a curse woven in something dark, none know the true burden except the drifter himself. In a chaotic era where power is given to those with the best intentions to the royalty, it's also a time of something sinister something dark. Heresy separates the population from what some are willing to acknowledge about the existence of the supernatural. The drifter, having no real ties to anything, does what he is appropriately named for distancing himself as much as possible from anything living. In a town plagued by fear, his reputation is heard of surprisingly and he's sought after by the mayor. The mayor's only offspring has become the latest victim of something other worldly. Unlike others, the mayor's heir has not perished it's more like they've become possessed by something. Confined to the household after a series of killings, the mayor beseeches the drifter to help. Although against staying in the town longer than he should, the drifter agrees at a price. 

Empty Truth

A cult is on the rise sweeping through the world with empty truths and hopeless promises, for one woman all too well knowing what broken promises can bring this cult has hit close to home. Feeding off their words, her brother has been whisked away firmly in their clutches and without hard proof he's in trouble authorities won't intervene especially when a string of unsolved murders have their attention. Reluctantly, the woman goes to the one person she knows will help, her estranged husband a former detective himself but convincing him to ignore the issues between them will be a pain.


It happened one noon day, the skies above became black as night. None knew what to make of the spectacle or what followed. Balls of white, like snow, fell from the heavens below touching the ones to witness it. With a touch so gentle, a feeling of warmth filled the hearts of creature and man alike. In the months to pass those 'blessed' by the event soon fell ill with symptoms similar to a plague. All over the world it spread, the midnight scourge most called it, killing many or turning them into ravenous beasts. No cure could be found nor any explanation as to what brought it on. Whatever the case might be, the midnight scourge was a force to contend with. A meeting of races had been called, something must be done. In village of elves, the high chieftain set to be present at the meeting fell ill the scourge definite. In his present condition he cannot hope to attend. In his place his son is called to take up the ranks along with one another. They must see if anything can be done for not only the chieftain the rest of the world.

Nine Miraculous Lives

The rules to live by are to never let the humans know their being monitored or guarded to a degree, that aside from the world they live in there is another involving the animals they consider as everyday pets: cats. Household pets set to watch them with those mysterious eyes. Although it is unclear how cats came to be tasked as guardians, their pilgrimage is to keep some order. They are able to maintain not only their true form, as cats, they also have mimicked the ability to take on the human form if need be though they cannot reveal this in any way to the humans as consequences would follow. Cats also are not permitted to give any of their nine miraculous lives to humans either as it would upset the balance of order.

Considered a stray, she has no memory of her life before or how she came to reside in the dark streets of the towering city Cidade. Like all other cats, her task is to watch the humans to try to stop them from hurting themselves if such a thing is even possible. The human race fascinates her, the way they move talk or interact with one another, in particular, she has come across a human male she's followed for nearly a year learning his routine. Feeling dedicated to watch him, the cat with haunting green eyes is horrified one late evening when the male is viciously attacked and left for dead by marauders. Taking her human form, she remains at his side mournful seeing that help will not arrive in time so the only thing she can offer is to be at his side. Believing he should have more time, the cat guardian against her better judgement to give him one of her lives while the male in his teetering on death's door commits to memory her face, her haunting green eyes before he is drowned in white light.

The young man realizes how close he came to dying, that if it hadn't been for a good samaritan according to authorities he probably would've taken a walk among the tombstones. All he recall is the incident where he was attacked and the young woman with haunting green eyes hovering over him, the one he believed to be his savior though police claim no such woman was at the scene when they arrived. The male wonders whether he was dreaming her up or if she was real, either way he returns to his life feeling changed and a girlfriend who can't quite adapt to his change nor the secrets about his 'dream' of the one staying at his side. For him, life has become redundant. He feels there should be more rather than the same routine each day and he can't get the image of 'her' out of his head. He tries to find her around Cidade with no luck and anger from his girlfriend which a break up is the result. 

A month from the time he was attacked, the male visits where he was nearly killed one evening shocked to find her, the woman with green eyes and in the same spot he laid previously when attacked. Taken back, he tells her she saved him that he has been looking for her. With those green eyes he couldn't forget even if he wanted to, the woman has no knowledge of him or even herself though on her body is a small tattoo of a number two like his. Deciding to be the one to help this time, the male takes her back to his apartment where his ex girlfriend is waiting hoping to reconcile.

They Fell From The Sky

It wasn't just one or two, they came in droves, falling like rain in a mid-afternoon shower. People, no bodies, fell soundlessly hitting the ground and whatever else unfortunately was in the way. Those below didn't know what to make of the horror, dead bodies dropping from the sky with little explanation seemingly in one spot, the crowded traffic jammed streets of the city. 

In awe, some leave their cars while others remain on the narrow sidewalks the spectacle taking priority over anything else. Suddenly, the presumed dead bodies reanimate only something is different something is wrong, very wrong. One by one the reanimated bodies attack onlookers and chaos ensues in the aftermath. Vehicles careen into one another while the frightened flee where ever they can. Every corner of the city has become blocked off by military tanks where the people fleeing believe they will be safe from the madness, however, the soldiers waiting by the tanks have their orders to shoot anything attempting to break the line. With guns raised, they tear into civilians as well as the dead. Horrified, a few lone survivors take to the sewers to escape danger or so they hope.

The Beast in the Beauty

The era, hardly one of grand victorian splendor, is marked by strange occurrences and most importantly ghastly murders. Darkness grasps the city of Skade where horror is on the other side of the door to whom knock upon it. At the center is the alluring yet spoiled heiress Alexsa Freden, daughter of recently slain Lord Alexsander Freden. She's inherited her father's fortune including his seat on the Skade council of male leaders. Her brazen behavior makes her a likely enemy of the council and blatant disregard for proper conduct. A young lord has been recently brought on the council with ideals that at times differs from that of the other members tasked with talking to Alexsa about changing her ways there is some sort of attraction in first encounters, however, danger lurks at her most recent gala where a plot to assassinate her is in the works. A plot the young lord is unknowingly a participant in. 


It is a day of days. She, the daughter of a lord of the southern lands, is arranged to marry the son of a king to the north to solidify a treaty between both lands of prosper to come.

Having never met the prince, the daughter is hesitant about sealing her fate, though, she only wishes for the greater good. While making a trip to her future husband's homeland, the caravan is attacked by ruthless Raiders whom kill all of her company.

Although she manages to elude them she is taken captive but a young man stepping from the shadows kills her would be attackers without so much as hesitation. In the fight he's injured. Grateful for the help, she aids him the best she can developing a bond of sorts. As night falls, people from the north scower the area finding the two. Among them is the prince, a mysterious one. It turns out the knight responsible for saving the woman is from the north too. He is in service to the royal family. Finding out she is the prince's future wife places him in an awkward position especially since he feels there is some bond between them. Unfortunately, the young woman marries the prince, soon to be king, while possibly having feelings for the knight she aided. 

Till Death Do You Part

The dastardly Einhardht Aeolthine, known space pirate is very much use to getting everything he desires whether by force or the smooth lure of his words. His most daring coup d'etat is a secret pact with a soon to be royal whose bride, an Empress, would bring money to the marriage. Einhardht is tasked with kidnapping said bride on the wedding day once the ceremony has ended. However, when that occurs the pirate finds himself double crossed and of course forced to take the nearly murdered obviously not blushing bride with him.

A Dish Best Served Cold

Of a noble standing and family, a young scarlet-haired woman with eyes of bluest crystal has always been the absolute joy in her uncle's eye. Raised by him upon the death of her parents at an impressionable age, he considered her his own daughter giving her the best of everything she desired including naming her heir to his estate with the hopes she'd follow his footsteps.

All seemed complete and yet the uncle wanted more, he yearned for a wife therefore he courted an heiress of a minimal fortune. Unfortunately, the heiress had an eye for better standing and less on love. The niece saw through the ambitions of her uncle's wife though the man seemed oblivious to this notion.

A sudden illness gradually claimed the life of the man and with his wife and niece at his side, he succumbed to said illness. With nothing to stop her, the wife framed the niece for the death of her husband for his illness was brought on by poisoning. To the public it appears as though the young woman committed the terrible act in order to receive her inheritance sooner than later. Sentenced to death, she is on her way to prison before her death where bandits attack the garrison taking her captive for the wealthy collector they're in contract with.

Enslaved by a man who would sooner take from her what he wants, revenge is on her mind to take back what is rightfully hers. She is the wealthy man's most prized treasure. 

The wealthy man is not without an heir, he has a son with whom he's estranged. The son, a mysterious sort, wants his father dead for his own reasons like the young woman only her freedom is on the line. They both need something from each other and although they won't admit it there is some desire each time their eyes meet.

Will they join forces to get what they want with something more underneath the surface of apparent hate for each other?

Something Strange in Rose Gardens

A change of scenery may allow for a temporary fix, but it cannot erase the past nor mend it. For a couple, escaping the past is easy trying to get through it is something entirely different. However, moving seems like a step in the right direction for them and the marriage they hope to repair. Rose Gardens, a seemingly tranquil mountain town, has everything they need minus the rush of the city it's almost a haven from the rest of the world. Those living there are friendly and offer nothing short of a family aura when welcoming the pair who have bought a house in the community. 

From the way it appears, the two will have much needed time to think and focus on each other that is until oddities arise around their household. Doors slamming suddenly, items rearranged or disappearing completely, and the seeing of someone from the corner of one's eye. The incidents happen frequently to both though neither acknowledge that something might be off leading to fights and a trip down the same path that brought a near downfall in their marriage. 

Realizing they have to be on the same page in order to discover what's going on, the couple take their experiences to the town where other residents shoot down the notion anything supernatural is involved, in fact, they tell the couple in a subtle warning bringing up such talk would upset not only the community but the mayor who has a habit of forcing 'troublemakers' to seek help at the local institution. 

Deciding not to pursue the matter, the couple let whatever they've experienced die. Unfortunately, the incidents become malevolent. Both are on the receiving end of attacks as if given a warning their feelings were warranted. Together, they decide to uncover the secret of Rose Gardens including the mayor.

[b][b][b]Nutcracker and His Benevolent Wife[/b]

"Dearest," She had the idea to roll her eyes. There he went, investigating things without his spectacles and she for the countless time had to remind him gently to put them on. "Sweetheart," She spoke her affectionate names of him realizing his attention lied elsewhere as usual. This man, she thought shaking her head, if a bullet pierced his heart God forbid his mind would still remain on the task at hand. It was any wonder half the situation they got in wasn't due to his creature of habit mannerisms. She cleared her throat. "My love," she spoke a bit louder this time. 

"Y-Yes...Y-Yes..." With a start he jolted up from his crouched position near the puddle of goo. The tall man stood upright staring at her or squinting more like it in between straightening the ends of his coat. He smiled despite their location. "What's the matter?" 

"Darling," She cooed. "Put on your glasses, please." The real reason he didn't want to was he felt they made him look older, that after all this time he needed them. "You know you cannot see."

"Rubbish, I can see very well."

She crossed her arms. "Then why were you on the verge of touching that without realizing what exactly it is?" He frowned.

"I was merely...." Their eyes continued to lock, the male realized he fought a losing battle therefore he sighed reaching in his coat pocket to retrieve the thin wrap around glasses. Although they made his eyes bigger than normal, she loved them on him and him. She smiled at him lovingly. "Better?" He asked.

"Better." Now they could finish what they came to do. There was a peculiar stillness in the air she had begun to notice coming around her husband's side as he crouched down again at the entrance of the alley. Looking around, the street lanterns were on the verge of blowing out and not a single person roamed about not even the occasional late nighter. Her feelings were not pleasant. "My love, maybe we should call it a night."

"Dear," He interrupted. Pulling, the only thing he had handy, a quill from his coat pocket the man dabbed the tip in the clear liquid raising it. It was thick, foul smelling, but saliva nonetheless. "This is saliva." He showed her. She nodded holding a gloved hand up. "What could have left such an enormous amount I wonder." His voice trailed.

"Whatever the case," His wife replied. "Let it be long gone. You have your saliva, let us return home I do not want you to catch a chill." 

"A chill is the least of my worries," The husband uttered. "If this belongs to something frightful, if left unchecked it will cause problems. We cannot go home just yet." About to say his name, a dreadful snarl put a definite halt to their conversation. The wife raised up, eyebrow lifted while her husband no longer crouched over. They gave a quick glance at one another as the snarling increased. A slither in the night, thunderous steps pounded against the brick ground. The shadow of the alley enveloped what stalked the close quarters.

The wife gasped. "My love, let's not wait around to see what comes out," Expecting her beloved to follow suit, the woman turns. She begins running in the quiet streets until she realizes she does not hear any steps behind. She slows down.
"Why am I running?" She whispered softly. "How could I forget, I'm dead."

Rose Gardens' renowned solver of crimes criminally and supernatural alike, the one crime Nutcracker failed to solve was the murder of his benevolent wife. It is a crime that has haunted him into a deep depression for nearly two years and due to his depression his career and reputation have suffered, the latter for public displays of intoxication. 

Vehemently turning away from the eye of the city, Nutcracker drowns himself in the memories of his wife one night falling into a deep sleep. The next morning, he is awakened to a start finding his dead wife next to him. Naturally horrified, he can't explain the phenomenon nor she. She can't even remember the dreadful night she went missing only that she's with him once more as a sign. 

Nutcracker resigns himself that this is indeed a sign, a second chance to pull himself from the darkness and solve the mystery of his wife's death, that and why she has returned. Together, they want to discover whether their love conquers all including death.


Send me a PM if you see anything you are interested in. I would like only the serious to reply if you're interested. If you are going to just vanish without warning please skip me over. I want a partner I can write a story with long term. Also, I want to hear your ideas if you happen to pick out a pairing not just x and x sounds interesting. My interest will decline if you do.
Updated with new plot Nutcracker and His Benevolent Wife.

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