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Advertising with AD
Do you want your button to your own website put on Angry Dragon's front page under the directory listing? Right now we'd definitely like to fill up a directory list. So go ahead and drop your button here. It must be 88 width x 31 height. It can be to a roleplay site, or any other kind of website. We will also be adding it to Roleplay Galore once we get those pages set up just let us know what kind of site it is so we'll be able to group it on RG accordingly. In return we'd ask that on your own site you'd link back to us too. You can use our button...or just a plain link is fine. Just save our button from here and add the link too it.

[Image: anrdbutton.jpg]

<a href=""><img border="0" alt="AD" src="" width="88" height="31">

Or we also have this one.. 

[Image: headder.jpg]

<a href=""><img border="0" alt="Angry Dragon" src="" width="100" height="125">

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