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Things to know about the forum
There is a spoiler button you just can't see it. I'll see about fixing it but it is there and it does work. It is right next to your link button and the insert video button. See here: [Image: spscreenshot.jpg]

You can also just use the code [ spoiler ]  [/ spoiler ]
Show ContentSpoiler:

We have to make due with what we have and with what we know how to do. So just bare with us. We do want to eventually upgrade to Xenforo but not until we have more members. We want to see the forum sail before we add anything that costs money.

Also make sure you save a copy of your posts or type it up in a program like Word or Apache Open Office in case you get kicked out of the site, or your browser closes. There is a save draft function but you have to save the draft yourself it doesn't auto save- and if you are editing a post there isn't a save function. I was editing my static post the other day and the power went out. So I had to go back and do my edits over again.

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