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New members!
If you are new to forum roleplaying or are a little confused about the layout let me see if I can help you out. Our strictest rules are no harassing, no underage members, no sexual acts with or depicting an underage person and no bestiality. - This does not mean you can't roleplay a furry or neko. This does not mean you can't roleplay a family that has children in your story. If you have any questions about the rules please contact me or Daddy dragon and we'd be happy to clear things up.

Now onto the forum layout. You may notice there are a lot of areas for members who like certain things. Don't worry to much if you aren't sure where to put something. We can always move it to the right spot. But if you're like me and your roleplays often have everything in it, gay relationships and straight relationships then just go ahead and put that roleplay in the Hetero section. That's what I do.

If your roleplay has all of the above relations/pairings in it but say your main character or characters are going to be gay you can put it in the Yuri or Yaoi section. We really aren't going to be huge sticklers about where you post your thread is if it has a broad range of subject matter and character pairings. We have the sections just to help keep posts organized and for those members who specifically like certain things like Yaoi will be able to find all the Yaoi in the Yaoi section and say someone who only roleplays Hetero will probably never search or browse the Yaoi section.

If we see a post that's a hetero roleplay in the yuri or yaoi section we will move it to the proper section. Why? well again because for people that search for those kinds of roleplays will be able to find it in the right section. If you really aren't sure what to do just send us a message and we'll point you in the right direction.

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