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Enter Kalab
Heya! As is obvious, my name is Kalab. You can call me what you like but I might only answer to Kalab. Smile RP is my meds and my therapist since I don’t care for pills or shrinks. I typically like my stories dark and gritty but I am open to something a bit lighter from time to time if the plot intrigues me. I’ve been RPing about 10 years or so. I started late and never did any of the Yahoo boards. I started on a forum and leaned that way and then later tried my hand at chatrp.

I have very few limits. The main ones would be MxM and anything involving underage characters. There are some other things that I prefer not to write but I don’t really consider them a limit. I’ll write them if i think it adds to the story. That’s about all I can think of. If you wanna know anything else just ask. I might even tell you. Smile
Hello and welcome to angrydragon Kalab! It's nice to have you here. Thank you for joining us! We love the smell of fresh blood. It draws us in like piranhas, and like piranhas, we're attracted to- OOH! SHINY!

Ahem. Jokes aside, welcome to angrydragon, we hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
Hello and welcome! We do apologize for not responding to your email! There was a mix up on where the emails were going but it is fixed now and we're glad your activation went through.

I hope Angrydragon becomes your new roleplaying home Smile
Thank you Mommadragon and daddydragon. Oh and just wanted to clarify, that wasn't my blood you smelled but it was fresh. Though there's always plenty to go around so I don't mind sharing a mug or two. Apologies are unnecessary Mommadragon but appreciated nonetheless. I look forward to starting something up in the very near future.

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