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Mimi's Diner (Open Thread)
Not sure where you want to start roleplaying? Are you worried you're a bit rusty? Well here in at Mimi's Diner feel free to just walk on in. This thread is to help dust off some of the rust, without other player's preferences. One liner's and paragraph posters alike can post here. The setting is the Diner but here anything can happen, any character can join, come and go as they please. There isn't a limit on how many people can join this thread, use it to get associated with other members and be able to show off a bit of your posting style before you commit to anything serious. Whatever happens at Mimi's Diner doesn't affect your future roleplays or characters so think of it as an alternate universe where you can mingle and practice. 

Rules: Keep the super erotic details to a minimum in this thread, this thread is just for fun and to offer a chance for newer members to gain a bit of experience and for more experienced members to show off some of their skills.

This is a roleplaying practice thread for users who want to show off or work on their writing skills by interacting with other players before jumping into serious roleplays and roleplay commitments. 

Mimi's Diner - Owned by Mimi. The Cafe is an alternate universe, which means there all kinds of characters and creatures can come here. You can have dragons, humans, aliens whatever you can think of. Mimi's Diner is universal. 

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