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Lovely Introduction
Hello everyone, I have come here to have some fun from the forum of Yaoi Dreams. I use to be on Yaoi Nightmares as well until that all went to shit. Now here is what you need to know about me. I am a seke in which I have played as both as seme and uke. I have grown my posts to be semi close to my partners' length, though sometimes I have made it longer than I wanted. Hopefully that wouldn't scare anyone off as I like to write as it helps me relax when the story is good enough. If I get minimum results, or the flow is slowing down, I will message people to see if there is something that I can do in order to be able to make the story great. I understand that life happens and people may not be in the mood in to reply, but that doesn't mean that I'll continue to wait all the time. As my husband would say: "Shit or get off the pot." Now, if you have made it through this and would like to know what I usually look for, follow the link below to know what I like and what I dislike:

Since you've gotten a peak into what goes into my head, there are some things that I would like to address that I don't like to see in my partners:
  • Giving me one liners. You may think it would be there to make sure that the story goes faster, but it doesn't. It makes it more of a chore to respond to because I feel like you're putting in any type of effort. It's draining and more of a pain than anything. At least if you want to put in the minimal effort, then please at least give me at least a paragraph. You can easily make a paragraph without even realizing it.

  • Do not expect me to be able to follow the grammar laws because I am dyslexic and often times get ahead of myself while writing because my hands cannot keep up. I do try my best to make sure that it is at least semi-literate when I am posting, so please respect that I am not advanced literate. If that is what you are looking for, then you may have to look elsewhere.

  • I am more comfortable using anime or drawing pictures because I don't like the idea of using people's pictures. I feel like I am trying to catfish someone with using it. You may like the idea of using a real life person's photo, but I do not. I am also picky about my photos and will make a whole character that would suite them. I do no steal other people's profiles as I know how it is like for someone to steal my person's info without my consent. Which is why I never post them anymore as it is rude to steal other people's ideas, just like stealing their real life images to use in a story.

  • I do not do any type of bathroom stuff, besides the whole having sex in the bathroom maybe, but with scat, piss, or anything in the like is a no go.

  • I do not do major age play. The maximum age difference I am semi comfortable with is 10. Even that is stretching it. Though there are some cases where I am willing to go up to 15 (cough-Erei-cough).
There, that wasn't all that bad now was it? Now that the things I have to set my foot down on are out of the way, there are some things that I will be more than willing to open up to that may catch some people's fancy:
  • Omega-verse: I have fallen down this whole and I adore it when it is written well. It doesn't even have to end with m-preg. Just the idea that an Alpha and Omega are so horny for each other when the Omega is in heat is makes me want to rub my face against the screen because it can be so adorable that I fangirl all over my laptop. Though if someone wants to have m-preg I am open to the idea. As long as it is within reason.

  • Anime fandoms: Given how my user name is after a male ice skater from an anime, it's a given that with most anime or game fandoms I am willing to do it if I have heard of it and like it. There are some anime fandoms that I just can't really get into. Currently I have done some role plays that is for Yuri on Ice, Attack on Titan, Magi, Royal Tutor, Durarara, Hetalia, and Zelda Breath of the Wild.

  • Original Stories: There are many original role plays that I have liked and are willing to listen to. If you like my style and would love to role play with me, don't be afraid to discuss it with me. If I am a bit unsure about it, I am more than willing to talk about it more. Maybe even expand on it.
If you have made it all this way, rather you scanned or actually read it, then congratulations! You were able to make it all the way through my long rants about what I like and what I expect. Now, if you just want to start a conversation with me, feel free to do so. I receive e-mails on my phone which is on me most of the time. Please don't post on my page here as I try to post up new ideas for people to see. But other than that, I'm a laid back role player who loves to write if you have an idea you want to share with someone who shares some of your own interests. Thank you once again and have a lovely day.

Different types of pairings that I would be interested in doing with some discussion about what it is that would be going on. After all, communication is the best way to make a rp become amazing.

Butler x Master
Demon x Human
Cyber Demon x Human
Bully x Victim
Old Lovers reuniting
Fake Romances that bloom later on
Nymph x Virgin
Nobility x Peasant
Obsessed Stalker x Victim
Non-Human x Human
Perverted Terrorist x Unwilling Accomplice
Older Student x Younger Student
Teacher x Student
Virgin Seme x Experienced Uke

These are just a few things that popped in my head and some of which will help me come up with a good plot that I will post later.
Formerly Known As Kanra Orihara/Viktor Nikiforov

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