Angry Dragon

About Us

Birth of a dragon

Grandpa’s barn

From as far back as I can remember I was always surrounded by men in my life that were true tradesmen of all kinds, so learning to work with my hands started very early on. However, I found that I never had the desire to pursue any one trade but that I knew for certain I loved to create things. 

Life is short

Gotta make a living...

I continued working with my hands in the offshore oilfield (chasing money) trying to provide the best I knew how for my family, but learned after putting my life on hold for months at a time for years, that no matter how much money you can potentially make out there you can never buy back even a second of that time lost. 

New direction

Home sweet home...

We made the decision to build a shop at home to allow me to not only do what I love but more importantly to stop putting my life on hold and be with the people who mean everything to me.

I strive to create unique one of a kind pieces utilizing a vast array of reclaimed materials, exotic woods, and finishing techniques. 

If you have a project or particular piece in mind I’d love to work with you to help you bring that vision to life. Thank you for your interest and support in this new path I’ve chosen, feel free to email me with any  questions.