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Unless you like biting – Momma D loves biting, but here at Angry Dragon you will find we have an active, friendly staff. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have and will have with our users. You will always find a staff member, or an admin online and monitoring the forum. We are an adult roleplaying forum with subsections for yaoi, yuri and hetero roleplays. Those aren’t your thing? That’s okay! We have a nonsexual area as well, a sparring section and a place where you’ll be able to build your own world with your own lore; an area where you can run and be the game master of.

Again, Angry Dragon is an adult roleplaying forum and we recognize that people will come from diverse points of view, with diverse kinks. We expect our members to remember that, and to be both kind and discreet about such things. We will not and do not tolerate harassment of our users for their kinks or preferences and just in general. It is all about respect here at Angry Dragon.


Resources, perks and advertising..


Angry Dragon will also be running a sister site Roleplay Galore. This is where you will be able to find resources, tutorials and writing challenges. Here we will also offer a directory listing and affiliate advertising. Want your website listed on Roleplay Galore? Either Contact Momma or Daddy dragon with your link, your 88×31 button and a link to where you’d also put our button or link in return. We will offer permanent banner spots for affiliates for a small fee/ or donation on the front page near the top. It can be for your personal website, forum or shop. We will happily support our members and the roleplaying community. Members, if you have a deviant art page or any art page and offer commissions we will happily advertise that for you as well for free. Just send us a message with a small banner/ or link and description of what you’re offering. Lastly we will also offer small perks for members who donate to Angry Dragon. Perks like pinning a topic to the top of a board or hosting a small banner to advertise your roleplay thread.

Our site and the forum is still under construction and subject to changes. We’re still working out the wrinkles. However the forum itself is like a blank slate, we are open to suggestions and ideas and will do our best to accommodate our members. If we get a decent member base we will eventually upgrade to better software and hopefully in the future we will be able to also offer adoptable angry dragons for those who donate.


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Would you like to see your site in this list? Please contact us and let us know! We’d be happy to put a button or link.

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Meet the Staff!

Until we start to grow your current staffers are Momma and Daddy dragon.

Momma and Daddy dragon are the founders of Angry Dragon and Roleplay Galore.

Momma Dragon

Momma Dragon has been an active Rper for a little over 17 years. She started out in yahoo chat and moved to forums like Realms, Valucre and Ayenee. She has had a hand in helping other Rp sites rise up and build a community. She’s been around the block more than a few times playing a vast variety of characters and stories.

Daddy Dragon

Daddy Dragon has been an active roleplayer for 14 years. She started out on neopets before moving to gaiaonline, and eventually moved exclusively to roleplaying forums. She has experience in multiple genres, sexualities and playing different types of characters.

Want to be a part of the team?

We are looking for dedicated members who’d like to become staff in the future once we have a decent member base. If you’re interested click here for more information. 

Sadly not everything in the world is free! Every donation Angry Dragon gets goes to our hosting cost, domain registration, upgrades and new software.

Check out the donation page to find out more about perk’s  you can get with donations. We like to give back too!

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