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Read before you post!!
This section is for roleplays that pretty much lack any hard sexual element. It can be vanilla (basically nothing over rated R, like softcore porn.) Or it can be roleplays that have ZERO sexual element at all. Roleplays like that can go here, if your topic ends up getting pretty gritty and naughty in the end we can always move it for you to the appropriate section. Having this section doesn't mean we allow minors. We do not. It is just nice to get away from the smut sometimes and not everybody is into the naughty, moist details like others. However the same rules still apply.

What is this forum for? This forum: OOC request thread is like a roleplay classified ad. This is where you post searching for someone who'd be interested in playing with you. It is also a place where people can ask you questions about the roleplay before even messaging you. 

It can be simple, or you can go into detail about your idea.

Bumping rules. You may bump your request thread once a week. You can reply to your thread with actual information or updates to your plot idea whenever you like as long as the staff doesn't feel it constitutes spamming your own thread to keep it at the top. If we deem continuous replies to your own thread not within the guidelines you will be asked to stop as your first warning. You will be allowed to bump the topic once a week, if you do not comply it will result in a 1 day temporary ban from this area. Which means you won't be able to bump or reply to threads in the request thread area. If the offense continues your privileges will eventually be taken away. So remember, to much bumping = spamming. 

Something special. If you donate $5 dollars to Angry Dragon and would like your request thread to be pinned to the top of the Request forum we will do so for a week.

Bumping Roleplay threads. Please do not do it. If your partner has forgotten just message them privately and link them to the thread if they can't find it.

The forum rules, which you will find here is for the entire website. Please be sure to read them and understand them. If you have any questions at all you can post in the help section or message a staff member and we will be happy to answer you.

What is absolutely not allowed.

Images of a person or character that looks under 18. (Even if you are roleplaying in the non-sexual area we'd do not want links of images depicting a character that is underage. Just use your imagination.)

UNDERAGE ROLEPLAYS, character under 18 - meaning roleplays depicting sex with minors IS NOT ALLOWED AT ALL. You will be banned. Yes you may roleplay a family and have children as long as you follow the rules. Yes you can have a non-sexual roleplay and roleplay a younger character but that character CANNOT be involved in any sexual acts. It is against the law, thus we do not allow it here.

Shota and Loli NOT ALLOWED.

Bestiality is NOT ALLOWED. Tentacle monsters, dragons, aliens, or any of the mythical and/or fictional creatures such as werewolves and unicorns are allowed. However, animals that exist in the real world(dogs, cats, horses, etc.) are NOT. According to U.S. law, bestiality is illegal, therefore, it will not be allowed here as well.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a permanent ban.

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