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Hello, everyone! 

I go by Mystic Dreamer but feel free to call me Mystic (or Dreamer). I consider myself a decent semi-literate/advanced writer who enjoys live-action fandoms, historical romance, medieval fantasy, sci-fi, and espionage (and many others!) :). I guess you can say I started roleplaying about 5-6 years ago which to this day I'm still learning, lol. I am a pretty shy person to roleplay/chat with at first, but once I warm up to you, I can be quite bubbly and energetic (on some days), lol. I do unfortunately suffer from severe depression and chronic migraines so please keep that in mind when I'm not feeling up to roleplay/chat. I will try to let my partners know in advance. 

Outside of roleplaying; I enjoy looking things up on Pinterest (religiously, lol), reading, watching Netflix, cuddling with my three fur babies (kitties), and fantasizing that I'm a science officer on the starship Enterprise and married to Dr. McCoy, lol (huge Trekkie fan, here!).

Well, I guess that's it for my intro!! I can't wait to get started on here! Hope you all have a wonderful day/evening!

- Mystic Dreamer
Welcome to angrydragon, Mystic Dreamer! Glad to have you here with us! Take your shoes off, get comfortable.... unless you're wearing a red shirt, then you uh, might want to change that first. We do want to keep you around after all! ba-dum-tss. Jokes aside, welcome, welcome!
You're adorable! Glad to have you aboard and thanks for joining ;3
Lol! Thank you guys! :)
Whoops, late to the party. Welcome!
Hiya Mystic Dreamer. Just dropping in to say hello. I'm new to the site as well

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