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Mystic's Preferences
Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero: Hetero
Posting speed: It depends on my mood; multiple times a day, one/two times a day, one post a week, couple times a month...
Post Length comfort: 2-4+ decent sized paragraphs. I will never do one/two liners or a single small paragraph.
Top 3 favorite roleplaying genres: Live-action fandoms, historical romance, and espionage.

(If you wish to roleplay with me, please send me a PM instead of messaging me here, thank you!)



- Please be patient and understanding. I can't post in a quick, speedy fashion nor can I be online every day for the most part.
- Real life face-claims only. I have no interest in using Anime or CGI/drawn artwork for character appearance. They kind of weird me out so, please don't use them.
- Doubling!! I love to double up, but I will only play a male character for you if you'll do the same for me. That also includes male canon characters as well.
- Please write only in 3rd person past tense in paragraph form.
- No one/two liners or a single small paragraph. The minimum number of paragraphs is two. 
- If you're having writer's block or something other, please let me know and I'll try to help you out! I love helping others so, please don't be afraid to ask me!
- Have decent spelling and grammar. I know not everyone is perfect (including me!), but try to keep your errors to a minimum.
- Don't spam me with reminders because I will ignore you if you start pestering me on a daily basis. I WILL get to you. Like I said in my first rule, I can't be on every single day.
- Don't just say 'hey' or 'want to rp?' in your first message because I don't respond back to those type of messages. Tell me your interests, pairings/plots, or send me a link to your request thread.
- Please collaborate with me. I don't like doing all the planning by myself. I like a partner who can bounce ideas back and forth with me.
- Be respectful of my kinks.
- I love story-driven stories over smut-filled ones; 70% plot and 30% smut.


- Sexual frustration/exhaustion
- Lingerie
- Light/Medium bondage
- Foreplay
- Risk of pregnancy/pregnancy
- Teasing


- Incest
- Rape
- Harems
- Bathroom play
- Anything forced
- Master/Slave
- Dom/Sub
- Heavy BDSM
- Sexual torture
- Furries/Anthros



Cupid x Amazon Warrior Princess
Gladiator x Amazon Warrior
Gladiator x Roman Empress
Roman Emperor x Amazon Warrior Princess
Demonologist x Psychic Medium (Victorian Era)
Spirit x Psychic Medium (Victorian Era)
Supernatural Creature (Vampire, Werewolf, Hybrid) x Supernatural Hunter (Historical or Modern)
Supernatural Hunter x Supernatural Hunter (Historical or Modern)
Union (or Confederate) Soldier x Plantation Owner's Daughter
Union (or Confederate) Soldier x Disguised Female Soldier
Texas Ranger x Modern Day Woman (Time Travel)
Texas Ranger x Indian Chief's Daughter
Lawman x Politician's Daughter
Lawman x Female Gunslinger
American (or British) WWII Soldier x Entertainer
American (or British) WWII Soldier x German Spy
American (or British) WWII Soldier x Disguised Female Soldier
Hollywood Actor x Cabaret Dancer (Hollywood Golden Era/Realistic/Fantasy)
Secret Service x Secret Service
Secret Service x President's Daughter
Secret Service x Woman in Witness Protection
Human Knight x Shieldmaiden
Human Knight x Druidess


Anything Disney (or Fox)!!! * I'm curious to do a live-action version of any of these Disney/Fox films. I am mostly seeking just Canon x Canon or Canon x OC pairings but also a few OC x Canon as well! I will list my top favorites in order (feel free to suggest others! I have practically seen all of them just not the latest live-action Beauty and the Beast.*
[Pocahontas - Need John Smith]
[Brave - Need OC Male]
[Mulan - Need Shang] *I don't know hardly anything about ancient Chinese culture/history so I might need my partner to teach me and/or I can just do a little research on my own.*
[Anastasia - Need Dimitri]
[Hercules - Need Hercules]
[The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Need OC Male]
[The Princess and the Frog - Need Prince Naveen or OC Male]
[Enchanted - Need Prince Edward]
[Into the Woods - Need Cinderella's Prince]
Star Trek (TOS or Reboots)
[TOS: OC x OC]
[Reboots: Need Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban)]
Star Wars (The Original Trilogy or Books) *I am NOT interested in any of the games, the Prequels, or the Force Awakens*
[Need Han Solo]
[Need Kyp Durron]
Lord of the Rings
[Need Eomer]
X-Men (2000/2002/Last Stand/Days of Future Past) *Please don't ask me to do First Class, Origins, The Wolverine (haven't seen it), Logan (haven't seen it), or Apocalypse (haven't seen it)*
[Need Cyclops]
The Dark Knight Trilogy
[Need Scarecrow]
Batman (1989/1992/1995) *I am NOT interested in Suicide Squad*
[Need Batman (Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer)]
Superman (1978/2006) *I am NOT interested in Man of Steel or Batman Vs. Superman*
[Need Superman (Christopher Reeve or Brandon Routh)]
[Need Richard White (James Marsden)]
[Need Black Hat]
Ocean's Eleven (1960 version or 2001 version)
[Need Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra)]
[Need Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt)]
Moulin Rouge
[OC x OC]
[Need Christian]
The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
[Need Erik]
The Mummy (1999 version) *I am NOT interested in the Tom Cruise version*
[Need Rick O'Connell]
Top Gun
[Need Iceman]
Almost Human
[Need John Kennex]
Xena: Warrior Princess
[Need Cupid]
Pretty Little Liars (On season seven)
[Need Ezra Fitz]
Supernatural (On season eight)
[Need Sam Winchester]
The Vampire Diaries/Originals
[Need Alaric Saltzman]
[Need Damon Salvatore]
[Need Elijah Mikaelson]

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