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Rules of the Forum
Rules of the forum

1. By joining this site, you agree to obey the rules and laws of the United States while you are a member of this forum. Illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate legal authorities. Seriously, don't break the law, it ain't cool.

2. You will not share identifying information(age, gender, location, address, irl name, etc.) of another member ANYWHERE on this site without their consent. 

3. No youtube videos in your signatures/profiles please.

4. This is an 18+ forum.  Everyone here must be 18 or older. Anyone breaking the rules will find their accounts deleted. Seriously, don't do it.

5. DBaD - Don't be a Dick. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it to them online. Even if you would say it to their face, don't. We treat everyone with respect here, so please respect your fellow members.

5a. By extension, that means no politics either. Regardless of what's happening in the world and your personal opinion, we'd rather not have it on the forum. If it's kept to private messages and civil, then it's fine

6. Flamers/trolls/etc. Will be eaten.... Or bent over the knee and given a spanking by the Papa Dragon. Wink

7. No shota, loli or beastiality. Just like the age of our users, the age of the characters must be 18+ as well. According to U.S. law, all three of these are illegal, so don't do it.

8. In addition to the previous rule, no images of characters that look like minors but are actually adults. That's still a minor even if you say "B-But in the roleplay he's 18!"

9. Thou shalt not post pornographic images. If you must, put it in a spoiler and warn your partner it's nsfw. Links are A-Okay, as long as they are also marked nsfw.

10. No real people nudes either. That means no pictures, videos, gifs, etc. of real people. I don't care if they're porn stars or whatever, just no. None of that.

11. No discussing banned users in public forums.

12. You will maintain an up to date email address on the site and not flag us as spam. You want to hear aaaaalll about us, don't you? So don't mark us as spam.

13. Unless it's relevant to parts of the roleplay, please speak english at all times.

14. Please read the rules for each section when we have them. Rules will be indicated at the top of each section by a sticky note.

15. Expect that we, the staff of angrydragon will be able to see your posts, and PMs. We are like the eye of Sauron. WE SEE ALL. 

16. There will be a warning system. You get two warnings, and then after the second warning(which will be a PM from a staff member), you move onto strikes. Like baseball, three strikes and you're out! 

Seriously guys, we're not out to get you. Just follow the rules and we promise, you'll have fun here!

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