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Bugs/Report Bugs
I'm working on finding the solution to the login/logout issue. I think I might have found the solution and implemented the supposed fix so we'll see if that keeps us from being 'logged in' under someone else's name.

Posting glitches, again be sure to save or write your posts in Word, or wordpad or even notepad. Apache open office is a free version of Microsoft Office you can download. I have to find out if the glitches are caused because of the host not refreshing or the forum software glitching. If your post does not show after you submit it, wait for a second refresh and try again. 

Also the fix I did to try and fix the log in/logout issues might also have fixed the posting issues of posts not showing up. If any of these issues do occur please comment here so that I know. The software doesn't show me anything is wrong with minor occurrences like that.
Right now the forum sees me as GoldenCurse everywhere but the main page, where it says I'm Dragon.  o__O 
Oh, now it corrected itself I guess... so weird.
Yeah I'm still trying to figure that out, there isn't any good help in regards to the issue. I'm potentially looking at other forum software because the lack of support on some of these bugs is starting to irritate me.

Supposedly, troubleshooting got me as far as it is the cookies buttt everything is setup the way it is supposed to be.
So I think I may have fixed that error/bug with the logging in/logging out and coming on to find yourself 'under another user's name'. Please be sure you are using and not in your browsers. If the issue persists you might have to clear out your browser's cache/cookies. 

For google chrome

For Internet Explorer

For Firefox

and Safari
Found what the issue might be, and had to contact the host. If they cannot fix the problem I will be looking into a different route to take as this logging in issue poses a security risk. This issue would also be the cause of posts not showing up right away, the forum not refreshing, not logging you out when you log out. So if they fix it, those issues will be fixed. If they don't I'll be looking into a different host.

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