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Other Worlds Info
What is the Other Worlds area for? Well it is for members to have a chance at running their own section. So do you think you have what it takes to run your own world? Build your own Lore and generate activity? Then please by all means submit a request.

How do I submit a request? All you need to do is make a new thread in the OOC section of Other Worlds and submit your proposal. Please name your thread World Request: with the name of your world. So example: Thread Subject: World Request: Earth.

What I would like to see in your proposal request is a description of the world, some world Lore. What kind of world is it going to be? Is it going to be a modern alternate earth with superheros? Or is it going to be an entirely new planet in an entirely different universe? Are there Gods? What kind of magic will there be, what kind of monsters and creatures will you have. Is there technology? Is it a world like Final Fantasy or a world from Star wars or Star Trek? What is the government going to be like, are there Kings and Queens or is there no leading power at all? Is it a world filled with zombies?

What are your guidelines going to be for other members to reference too when they join your world. Remember you will be the creator of this world but you aren't going to God-Mod the players, so these guidelines are important to let members know what kind of magic, abilities or powers their characters can/may use or what you'd like to see. I'd also like to see a list of rules you'd like to have in place to reference back to if there are ever any issues and staff has to get involved. Keep in mind we will work with you to alter these rules if we think they aren't quite fair.

Are you going to run and/or offer quests or adventures members can be a part of? Things like this will help generate activity, so if you are going to run a world be prepared to be active.

When you first begin this is what you will be allowed to have. Your main section and one other subboard as another point of interest. It can be a Tavern, it can be a city's Capital or forest, whatever you want it to be. You will also get an OOC subboard. If you can generate a decent amount of activity of getting more than 3 members involved we will consider expanding and letting you have more subboards for your world.

What I expect if your world is approved. I want to see you post threads that members can look at so they will be able to understand what kind of world it is. You will have a thread for your Lore - world history, the history of Gods or whatever higher powers you have. Then you will also summarize the events in your lore in another thread. One will be tilted something like Full World Lore and the other Summary of World. You will also come up with a timeline so that way people know when the events happened, in the past, present or soon to happen. You will have a creature list thread explaining some of the creatures you have in your world. Example, dragons, dinosaurs, monsters whatever. You will give a description of each creature and what they can do, how they are dangerous or if they are friendly that way members have something to reference and use in their roleplays.

You must have this information ready upon approval. You will be given about a month to show us your world is active(or more depending on the forums current member activity) . Yes we will not be apposed to giving you more time. If you need to go MIA either appoint someone you can relay on to keep things going for you, or let us know and if your world isn't active we will put it on hold. But you -must- communicate with us. Please don't just poof into thin air. If the original creator of a world does disappear without notice we will put that world up for a new take over. This means we will let someone else come in and run it and even if you return unless this person agrees to work with you or give it back that world will no longer be yours. 

We want activity, not dead in the water.


What does this mean for members who just want to play in these canon worlds? These worlds are like prefab settings for you to join, so please be courteous and read the threads the World's creator has posted. If you have questions contact the World's creator or post the question in the OOC section of that world. Don't be afraid to communicate with the World's creator that is what they are there for. It will be expected/required of the World Creators to respond to the members that are interested in playing in their area.

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