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Greetings from the dark
I have been role playing online since 1998 and have hundreds (if not over a thousand by now x.o) of characters to choose from. I am most comfortable playing submissive characters and only tend to play males unless (a) I have known and/or been playing with you for a very long time and (b) the story for whatever reason requires a female. The same two restrictions apply to me playing Dominants or switches. I actually don't feel up to female/dom/switch most of the time so I stick to my subs as main characters while the rest only tend to get used to push stories out of ruts.

My submissives are non-consensual style to start, and often push buttons and struggle even after they have devoted themselves to the ones they are with. (If you need me to I am happy to explain the difference between non-con and truly unwanted sex XD) They are also very dark and tend to drift towards more violent play. Your character won't get a lot of them to admit they like what they do, or even tell your character what they want and are hoping your character will do to them- they have waaaaay too much pride and tend to "blanket up". There are resolutions for this (magical truth spells and potions mixed with compulsion spells/potions) but unless your character is willing to embarrass them they are not likely to tell willingly. Smile

I only have a few rules beyond what was already stated, the two I will mention here are No death/maiming without a really, really, really good reason for it. I don't like r/ps to end (had the experience where the story could not have gone differently and did end in death- I lost the player because we were both so emotionally attached to that batch of characters that he didn't want to touch on new ones even years later) and death, even semi-death such as the characters somehow literally become one, tends to end them.

So if you like violence, public stuff, humiliation stuff and s&m (yaoi/MxM) I'm open for gaming!

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Welcome to angrydragon Iason! Happy to have you here~!!!

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